Jacopo Romei

Jacopo is an italian agile coach, developer and writer.

After graduating in Software Engineering and studying Management Engineering, he started a couple of IT companies to earn money and practice what he has always been preaching: agile development. That experience load was the key to move on as a full time freelance agile coach during the last 3 years, coaching teams across Italy, Germany and UK.

Jacopo’s main interest is in IT products & software development process, though everything under the umbrella of science fits his tastes.

As a writer he has published a paper in experimental ecology and the Apress book “Pro PHP Refactoring”, the latter together with Francesco Trucchia.
He is also a speaker, regularly invited to italian conferences and event about agile or lean software development and management.

Jacopo Rome
He actively contributes to more than one XP User Group in Italy and to the italian PHP user group. He also co-organized the Italian Agile Day 2010, the main conference about agile in Italy.

In his spare time he loves downhill biking, sailing, photography and singing a cappella.

Blog & Profili
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IAD Session
Jacopo presenterà allo IAD 2010, assieme a Alberto Brandolini, la session The Dot Game.