Paolo Perrotta

Paolo Perrotta is the author of Metaprogramming Ruby. He has more than ten years of experience as a developer and writer. He worked for domains ranging from embedded to enterprise software, computer games, and web applications.

These days, Paolo coaches agile teams for Yoox, a large Internet fashion shop, and teaches Java to developers throughout Europe. He lives in Bologna, Italy, with his girlfriend and a cat. He loves Ruby.

As an early adopter and an expert practitioner of Agile software development, he coaches teams and companies transitioning to Agile and to modern development techniques.

Paolo Perrotta
Paolo wrotes the successful “Metaprogramming Ruby” book, published by The Pragmatic Programmers and has published hundreds of computer magazines articles, including a popular monthly column.

As a developer, he has over twelve years’ experience designing and developing software in domains ranging from Social Previdence to automotive, healthcare, large-scale web sites, and computer games. Amongst other programming languages he knows Java (10+ years), Ruby (guru level), C++, C#. He has been a member of the team developing Hibernate, arguably the most popular Object-Relational Mapper in existence.

As a teacher, he planned and taught courses about Java, Ruby, C++, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, and other computer-related subjects. He gives frequent presentations at conferences, he was a tutor in programming courses for the University of Bologna.

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IAD Session
Paolo presenterà allo IAD 2010 di Genova il Keynote.

Inoltre presenterà assieme Roberto Bettazzoni la session The BDD Live Show.