eXtreme Programming, Timeboxing and Kanban

This speech will focus on how a PHP Company starting with XP is ending up using timeboxing and kanban, keeping alive the values and principles of an extreme programming development team.

Not only are the programmers trying to push forward those values, but also the management is trying to build a better company through systematic communication, clear objectives, understanding of individuals and interactions, working software, customer collaboration and responsiveness to change. This talk will focus on the positive and negative experiences my colleagues and I have had during the last year as managers and developers.

I will begin showing the problems my company had. Then, I will present the solutions we adopted to solve those problems. Finally, I will briefly explain how an activity “flows” through our workflow.

Sessione presentata da Filippo De Santis

Filippo De Santis graduated in Computer Science at Bologna University with a theses on Agile methodologies and TDD in collaboration with Ideato s.r.l. He first got in touch with Agile Methodologies at Durham University (UK), where he studied for 9 months. After graduating, he won the Spinner 2013 competitive examination and started the project “phpCollab3”. He has been working at Ideato s.r.l. since 2008, constantly increasing his knowledge of php and Agile development. He was speaker at the phpDay 2009, 2010 and 2011.
In 2009 he gave a talk on TDD and on what he developed for his theses (a little mock and stub library).
In 2010 he proposed a workshop with Michele Orselli on PHP and TDD, giving examples on non trivial code to test and on which instruments to use to do it. In 2011, he took part in phpDay with two talks: the first one focused on the evolution from Symfony 1.x to Symfony2; The second one focused on the use of a kaban board within an eXtreme Programming workflow.