Agile Days 2020

The Italian Agile conference, 17th edition
13-14 November 2020

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About The Event

You all know IAD as Italian Agile Days, but in this special year we decided to deliver a special conference: the 'I' becomes 'International'!
The Italian Agile Days 2020 (#iad20) is the seventeenth edition of the free conference dedicated to Agile principles and practices for the development and management of (software) projects. The conference is aimed at software developers, project leaders, IT managers, testers, architects and coaches.


Online, all over the World


Friday to Saturday
13-14 November

Event Schedule

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Vasco Duarte

Why all attempts to improve estimation have and will continue to fail! (and what to do instead) Vasco Duarte

We've been told, over and over again that estimation is a question of skill. That you can get better at estimation, and provide accurate estimates (at some point in the future). Well, let's take that claim and analyze it. In the process, we will prove that project estimates are a failure-prone approach, that very quickly escalates in a negative impact with the number of tasks in a project. In other words, estimation is the most useful in large projects, but also a certain failure in the same type of projects.
At the end of this session, we uncover a better method, #NoEstimates.

Jurgen Appelo

Making Sense of Change Jurgen Appelo

Agile is about embracing change. But where does all that change come from? What is the reason we need to adapt faster and more often? And how do we make sense in a world that's always changing? In this session, we try to make sense of VUCA, adaptation, mindset, and sensemaking itself.

J. B. Rainsberger

The Next Next Decade of Agile Software Development J. B. Rainsberger

In 2010 I tried to describe the next decade of Agile Software Development. In thinking about the state of our part of the industry, I described a few achievements of the previous decade and my many hopes and wishes for the decade to come. I assumed that everyone would hear my talk, become inspired to improve our impact on the software world, and that by 2020, we would be celebrating our great successes. We did not fix the world of software; moreover, I see perhaps more conflict and more disappointment than I did ten years before. Naturally, since I am naive and hopeful, I will try this again and hope for better by 2030.

Alistair Cockburn

The Heart of Agile Alistair Cockburn

The "Heart of Agile" consist of only four verbs: Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve. In this talk, Dr. Alistair Cockburn, one of the authors of the agile manifesto, will review why those verbs were selected, and how they are being used in different fields to increase the impact of efforts. The current thrust of Heart of Agile is outside of IT, because these four words apply to every initiative.

Joshua Kerievsky

Agile is An Adjective Joshua Kerievsky

It’s 2020 and we’ve been talking about and endeavoring to be agile for decades. Yet somewhere along the way, we lost sight of the meaning of the word. If you ask people what agile means, you’ll get substantially different answers, from “it’s basically being adaptable” to “it means going fast” to “it’s a software development movement, based on a manifesto.” It’s none of those things. Agile is an adjective with a clear definition. By deeply understanding the definition, you’ll improve your own agility, recognize agility in others, spot gaps in agility and be better prepared to be agile in a wide range of human endeavors. In this talk, we’ll go deep into the definition of the word, explore stories of people who illustrated or failed to illustrate agility and connect each story back to the definition.

Woody Zuill

Make It Easy Woody Zuill

Why does it have to be so difficult?
"So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work." ~Peter Drucker
It seems clear that there is often a "right way" or "best practice" for many tasks in the modern workplace - but is that clarity real, or just a trick that we play on ourselves?
The biggest successes I've experienced in software development have been the result of finding ways to Make It Easy for people to excel in their work, and to connect and interact as humans.Unfortunately, there are many things that get in our way.
In this session we will mostly explore some of the problems we face, and a few things that might make it easy for us to have a better future.


Simon Powers

Playing with the system Simon Powers

Are tired of consultants running organisational change programs? Perhaps you are one of these consultants? This talk will cover why Agile consultancy doesn't work and instead how teaching, coaching, facilitating, and mentoring at a whole organisational scale is a better approach. Stop consulting and selling frameworks and start coaching for better business results and happier staff!

Molood Ceccarelli

Be Agile Remotely Molood Ceccarelli

Dwight Eisenhower said, "planning is everything, the plan is nothing.
"One of the main things that the agile movement has taught us, is that no plan goes according to the plan. It is important that we organise, review and adapt the plan as changes occur.
With the current global health crisis many organizations have found themselves suddenly outside their plan, leading them to review their current way of working and adapt to a new way of working: remote work in agile.
Usually such large scale organizational changes are strategically planned, carefully designed and methodically implemented with help from experts. The recent transition to remote working however has happened so quickly and with so little time for deliberate planning and adjusting that the change may have created some level of added tension and chaos. Working remotely might seem at first as simple as working from a "different" office. But soon - as you probably have experienced - people realize that they have to change the way they communicate and collaborate completely. And for many, this new way of life, the new way of work is proving to be challenging. Most people have never learned the mindset and skill set of remote communication and collaboration.
Molood has founded Remote Forever with the vision of bringing remote work to agile. In this inspirational talk, you will learn how to maintain your business agility while working remotely with the support of a growth mindset. It will challenge some of the assumptions you have about working remotely and will inspire you to upgrade your mindset and get ready to adapt to new ways of communicating with your coworkers. In the end, you will have ideas for actions you can take to be more effective at working agile remotely, as well as having a great time doing so.

Jutta Eckstein

A conversation with Jutta Eckstein on: For being agile as a company you have to think beyond agile Jutta Eckstein

Agile has not only originated in software development, it also is focusing on processes (only). However, for a company to be agile more needs to be considered than software and processes. For example, what does company-wide agility mean for the company's strategy, its structure, or budgeting?
In this session we will look beyond the agile horizon for showing a path towards company-wide agility.

Barry Overeem
Johannes Schartau

The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide Barry Overeem, Johannes Schartau

On November 23, our book “The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide” officially launches. In this book, we dive deep into what causes Zombie Scrum; something that looks like Scrum from a distance but lacks a beating heart. In the presentation at the Italian Agile Days, we offer you a fresh perspective on Zombie Scrum, our book, and share our latest findings on the relentless research we’re doing.

Andy Hunt

Three Powerful Tools Andy Hunt

The key to writing software... is to write software. That's how we answer questions such as "what architecture to use," "how long will it take," "what do users really want" and so on. But that's easier said than done. Here's three powerful tools that can help.Join Andy Hunt, one of the 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto and well-known author and publisher for a look at the missing pieces of modern development.


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