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Joshua Kerievsky

Joshua Kerievsky

Modern Agile

Joshua is the CEO of Industrial Logic, one of the oldest and most well-respected agile consultancies on the planet.

Since 1996, Joshua and his global network of experts have helped people in teams across many industries leverage the wisdom and power of modern development methods.
An early pioneer and practitioner of Extreme Programming, Lean Software Development and Lean Startup, Joshua most recently created Modern Agile to help people and organizations benefit from a principle-based approach to agility.

Joshua is passionate about applying Modern Agile principles and practices to work.

He is an international speaker and author of the best-selling, Jolt Cola-award-winning book, “Refactoring to Patterns”, numerous Agile eLearning courses, and over 50 popular articles like Anzeneering, Sufficient Design and Stop Using Story Points. He’s active on Twitter, LinkedIn and the ModernAgile.org Slack community.

Joshua lives with his three daughters and two dogs in Berkeley, CA.