Workshop by Charlie Poole “Communicating with Tests: Test-Centric Development”



Avvisiamo che (purtroppo) il workshop è stato cancellato.
Ci scusiamo con gli iscritti, che abbiamo provveduto a rimborsare.

Siamo lieti di annunciare che Charlie Poole terrà un workshop durante #iad17!
Il titolo è “Communicating with Tests: Test-Centric Development“, e sotto potete leggerne l’abstract.

Il workshop è a pagamento, e si terrà nella giornata di Venerdì 17 Novembre, dalle ore 14:00 alle 18:00.
Ecco il link per l’acquisto del biglietto: Workshop Charlie Poole.
Sarà possibile effettuare l’acquisto del biglietto a partire dalle ore 12:00 di martedì 17 Ottobre 2017.

Il biglietto dà accesso anche all’unconference del venerdì per la restante parte della giornata.

A breve pubblicheremo un articolo dove lo stesso Charlie Poole ci racconterà il percorso che l’ha portato a questa sua visione sull’argomento.


Tests are Communication!
We’ve all heard that, but how do we make use of it?

In Test-Centric Development, the notion of a test provides a common framework and metaphor for all the work of the project. Not only do we have unit and story tests but also business tests, team tests and more. Developers learn that business goals can be understood using a familiar concept, while managers learn how agile development aligns with good management practice.

The workshop is aimed at programmers, testers, customers, managers… anyone involved in a software development project.

It covers:

  • What Test-Centric development means and how it relates to approaches like TDD, BDD and traditional exploratory testing.
  • The fractal nature of agile development and how we can use tests at all levels of a project.
  • How the well-known “five whys” fit into Test Centric development.
  • The application of Test-Centric development to the management/business side of a project and to the emergence of team practices over time.
  • Tools – many of which you may already use – that work well in a test-centric project.
  • Discussion of how to apply the ideas of Test-Centric development to your own projects and organizations.

This workshop is an abbreviated form of my three-day workshop in Test-Centric development. I’ll cover the concepts, tools and best practices in the first hour, after which the participants will select one or two elements for exploration in greater depth.


Charlie Poole has spent more than 40 years as a software developer, designer, project manager, trainer and coach. After a long career in the government sector, he began working independently in 1996 with clients ranging from Microsoft to government agencies to internet startups. Test-Centric Development is the outgrowth of his work as an agile coach over the past 20 years.

Now retired, Charlie continues to conduct workshops and does occasional coaching jobs. He is one of the authors of the NUnit testing framework and is currently developing a new test framework targeting .NET micro-testing.