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Trento, 2 luglio 2014


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Growing Agile Organization
Implementing agility is way more than just “using a process”: it’s a growth path for the individuals and the whole organisation, a path that is usually ridden with obstacles that need to be overcome through a systematic and holistic effort. This presentation offers some ideas for designing and implementing such a growth path, highlighting what are the most typical problems and possible options to solve them for all roles involved: from developers to the leadership.
LiquidO: no management from the trenches
During more than 100 years of classic management, hierarchy oriented organizations have shown their limits. A new generation of enterprises is now moving its first steps towards a brand new way to organize and prosper. Liquid, collaborative, flat, responsive, adaptive and anti-fragile: these are just buzzwords as long as alibis keep hanging around. Based on our real experience, we tell our story of experimenting with new ways to set an organization up.
What is Agile
Most of the times Agile is described as a set of practices. In this presentation I will give a different point of view of Agile, where practices are just a means to build an effective working culture.
Lean Experience Design
In the Customer Age design has become one of the most powerful business ally in the challenge to create and offer products and services that can provide superior quality experiences. Many companies and brands dare to take this challenge during the design of their services but usually they eve never applied an iterative and incremental approach.
So how is possible to develop an experience design project in a complex context with a lean approach and what are the effects on the client? I will present a real case regarding the redesign of the Gazzetta dello Sport experience and the impact on stakeholders in sharing, learning and refining an imperfect, incomplete and impermanent design.
Marshmallow Challenge
The challenge is a remarkably fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity.
Agile Grammelot
"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable". We take inspiration from this sentence by Dwight D. Eisenhower to start AgileGrammelot, the workshop we will conduct at MinIAD In AgileGrammelot, all the participants will experience an Agile approach to team work, by playing games, following a tipical iterative incremental approach: the goal is to talk about the visioning, the managment of the relationship between the product, the team, the customer (aka Product Ownership). We will try to simulate the planning and the production stages of a fictional product in order to see at first hand the typical behavioural dynamics involved in a working process. Also, we will try to understand what behaviours work better to comply with three capital principles of the Lean system: mura ("unevenness"), muri ("overburden") and muda ("waste").
Instilling Scrum
Why Scrum? How do you do it? What will I gain? Learn the basics of the empiric process building your product in an iterative and incremental way... playing. Scrum is a development process that is becoming mainstream in many environments. It's not something you can install, but "introduce gradually; implant or infuse" (dict.). To understand reasons and effectiveness it is necessary to experiment it personally and the best way to start is hands on; the goal of the workshop is to build a product guided by a vision, using one of the most powerful learning tool: games. There will be impediments, but an effective self organized team will achieve success... in an iterative and incremental way!
Continuous Integration: from server to cloud
Continuous Integration (CI) is a practice every team should adopt in order to solve integration problems easily and detect defects and errors early. Using CI we can growth solid software by giving greater confidence to the developers and better products to the final customers. In this talk we will briefly introduce what CI is and we will discuss some of the many different solutions we can employ when it comes to setting up a CI pipeline for our projects.


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